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Legacy Health Labs

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Leg·a·cy Health 

A Holy Trinity approach to Whole and holy healing, using God's original design for peak health  

We must re- member how to honour the body as the temple that transforms God's word into our good works. Play the long game of Legacy Health. 


Most people fail miserably to heal

because they've  re-placed man as God and self as healer. We've inverted God's unfailing healing process for a flailing poverty model and have become perpetually & generationally  sick stuck and poor for generations, because of it. Im determined to change it back ....  

Without a Peak Performing Bodily Temple 

we cannot become the soul proprietors and legacy builders God has ordained us to become because we've thrown God's Original Designs out with the false doctrines around His teachings. 

The Legacy Health Labs

My Legacy Health Private & Group Labs refocus the mind toward God & away from the gluttony that invades our temple. Youa re training up to become whole AND holy bc health can't exist without God. The 3 Laws of Legacy play a role in our temple health as they inform the identities & ideologies that become our physiologies. Healing is an inside out job with God at the guts of your journey. 

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Faith & Ministry 
Fortune Vs Money
Family & Marriage
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God Governed Legacy Health Labs 

After 15 years of holistic nutritional and neuroscience consulting,

education and writing, I've learned to place my training and

experience where it belongs; under God. 

Here, whole health becomes holy health, honouring  the universal

 laws of nature that nurture healing, through God's Original Design for our health and wholeness.

3 Month Legacy Health  Roadmap 

with my clients where the fruits of their labour produce visible and lasting results.

  • revelation, Reclamation, Revival

  • Generational & Ancestral cycle breaking

  • Legacy health by design not default 

The Transformation

You will come away from our 3 months together with:

  • a

  • b

  • c

Who I work with 

  • Men and Women seeking soul level healing that transforms the temple of the body

  • Men and women seeking to build God governed legacies from their temple on out.


Soul level symptoms that manifest as:

Working with me requires diligence, dedication & devotion to


 What I Do Not Do

Co dependent coaching (diet plans, quick fixes, co dependence).


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