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I teach you how to claim your birthright to generational wealth through The 3 Divine Laws of Legacy locked inside the Ultimate Business Manual & Contract: The Holy Bible.

For 15 years I've been helping artists, athletes & entrepreneurs claim their birthright to Soul Proprietorship as a neuroscience based health practitioner from Toronto to Hollywood. 

After a serious come to Jesus moment, God called me to build business with backbone off of His ultimate contract. Now I apply natural law principles & God's Divine Laws to turn God governed businesses into living legacies for freedom focused, faith based entrepreneurs. 


God is at the helm of all future empires. Successful  business leaders will be bulletproofing their families & finances with their faith.    

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The Labs

The Biblical Health Labs

Divine law based, these Labs are the 4th "F" in the 3 laws of Legacy (Fitness). Access my 15+ yrs of experience in neuroscience & Natural Law based consulting with leaders & creatives. Reclaim Whole & Holy health & triumph over biological evils waging war on your potent God granted genetics.

"What You Ingest, You Express" ~ Kerry

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The Course

The Legacy Business Academy 

is a full intensive course founded on The 3 laws of Divine Legacy TM., using The Bible as our Compass & Contract for  breaking bad faith generational  chains (contracts) of poverty to build bulletproof legacies through the divine laws of prosperity inside the ultimate contract -

The Bible. 

Become the strong missing

link in your legacy.

The Consult

Legacy Course Creation

Your life is your ministry & its fruits, your legacy..

Kickstart your path to perpetual prosperity. Identify & turn your signature calling into a course that clearly defines your ministry under God (signature Teaching) & start clearly communicating it to your congregation (core audience)

Make your Mark with

Your Ministry 

Education & Experience

Brand DNA training; London England

Linzi Boyd, BOB Business School, Purpose Led Business

Head of Holistic Brand Development, Rodney Habib & Dr Karen Becker

New York Times Bestselling Authors, Celebrity Dog expert, 20 Million person viewership, expert vet, educator & product formulator (dr Karen Becker) 

Biblical Branding Mentor &  signature Course Engineer 

for holistic & faith based entrepreneurs seeking to bulletproof their business inside biblical, lawful models of practice & prorpietorship

Holistic Nutritionist Certification; R.H.N., R.N.C.P., CSNN

Writer, podcaster, educator, speaker, cours creator. Worked on film & TV sets in Hollywood, with athletes & entrepreneurs fro NYC to Toronto to build & merge health and wealth for ethical  business, branding & growth.

5 Year Fellowship under Dr. Diane Chung ND, ParBP, Naturopathic Dr., Spiritual Activist, Clairvoyant.

Bodytalk Practitioner Certificaiton; B.P. , Bodytalk System

Tonic Elixircraft Therapy Certification, Daniel Vitalis

Chinese Tonic Herbalism. Water Consciousness. Quantum Nutrition.

Vibrational Plant Medicine Practitioner Certification, Level 1 Alaskan Essences

Join The Soul Proprietorship 

Work with me

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